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About Us


Glenda Wright, a native of Owensboro, KY, has lived experience in Kentucky's Child Welfare System. Glenda started her advocacy journey on the Voices Of The Commonwealth Youth Leadership Council. During her time on the council, Glenda received her bachelor's degree in business with a minor in political studies from Murray State University. In addition to her business degree, Glenda has her Juris Doctorate. Glenda has served as an internal member of the Commissioner's Office for the Department for Community-Based Services ("DCBS"). 


Tyler Hunter, a native of Bowling Green, KY, has lived experience in Kentucky's Child Welfare program. Like Glenda, his advocacy journey started with the Voices of the Commonwealth Youth Leadership Council. Tyler holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology & Criminology from Western Kentucky University and currently serves on the Advisory Council for DCBS. 


Together, Tyler and Glenda have made numerous policy and legislative changes, including three critical pieces of legislation that helped change the way foster care works for youth in Kentucky. Glenda and Tyler have 10+ years of experience working in each part of the Child Welfare Pipeline. Glenda and Tyler are passionate about creating and implementing sustainable and effective Child Welfare Reformation.


We look forward to becoming a part of your team! 

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